Leemhuis Family Mural

A massive task was set for master Contemporary Indigenous Artist Eddie Longford when he was asked to create a Leemhuis Family mural on a warehouse wall, 23m in length and 6m in height. The Leemhuis Family mural represents connections to family, the land and animals, as well as pay homage to the Ngunnawal people.

Eddie explains that ‘a place’ is attributed by a circle symbol and the U token (being the pattern left in the sand after you sit crossed legged) denotes a person. Peter’s parents and his 13 grandchildren are represented by the U’s, whilst his six children are symbolized in the six central circles (places). Every family member is attached to another amidst the blue dotted lines. The mural also entails kindred elements with deep personal significance to the family.

The two eagles so often seen encircling the property are a spiritual totem of the traditional custodians of the land. The Murrumbidgee River flowing parallel to the property and the Brindabella mountains are a beautiful backdrop that reflects the natural scenery of the region in which the mural is set. To Eddie these landscape features represent the resources and routes traversed by his ancestors.

The connection between the Leemhuis and Longford families runs deep with Eddie’s uncle having worked on the farm for the previous owners, and Eddie having played Rugby League with Peter’s son Darrell in their teens.

We can’t thank Eddie enough for joining hands in a cooperative effort between two families to create the Leemhuis reflection of “family” that will forever be etched in our hearts.